A land of one's own

In Vierzon, a former small French working class town hit by industrial decline, I went to meet women living and working in the working class neighborhoods, those who remind me of my cousins, my Algerian aunts. Warda and Feyrouz are involved in their neighborhood with other women and struggle against the suffering of exile. In the same towers, every day, Radhia and Kadiatou, who had to give up their profession, scrub, sweep and clean the stairwells tirelessly. At dawn, Najiba leaves the neighborhood to work the land she loves so much. In three chapters, these Algerian, Guinean and Syrian women tell us, in their own language, about their journey and their ways of resisting, of building a land of their own every day, from what they have left and what they have revived.


Documentary feature film, november 2022, 74 min.


Director: Leïla Saadna
D.O.P.: Leïla Saadna
Editing: Minh Tâm Nguyên
Sound: Leïla Saadna, Marianne Roussy
Sound editing and mixing: Florence Hermitte, Ondine Novarese

Color grading: Laurent Fénart

Production : Horizon Inverse, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire


This film was produced as part of an invitation to the Biennial of Art and Architecture of Vierzon 2022: "Infinite freedom, a world for a feminist democracy", organized by the FRAC Centre-Val de Loire from September 15, 2022 to January 1, 2023 in Vierzon.


https://www.frac- centre.fr/biennales/biennale-art-d-architecture-frac-centre-val-loire/infinie-liberte-un-monde-pour- une-democratie-feministe-1424.html


https://www.frac-centre.fr/biennales/biennale-art-d-architecture-frac-centre-val-loire/les-paysages- la-biennale/le-tiers-feminisme/artistes-architectes/leila-saadna/leila-saadna-1540.html