Augustin City Tour

"Augustin" is a popular newspaper in Vienna, it is sold on the street by people in precarious situations. We met one of them. He showed us his city. 
It looks like a guided tour, with an expert and diligent participants, but in reality the perspective is quite different. It is not the beautiful imperial buildings that are shown and explained, but places that are important for people without money. 

This film was shot on 16mm film, processed and edited by hand in Vienna, as part of an invitation by the Wiener Festwoche to the LaborBerlin team in 2012.

Experimental documentary film with double projection, 16mm, 2012


Co-direction, image, processing, sound and image editing: Minze Tummescheit, Arne Hector, Leïla Saadna

Production: LaborBerlin e.V., Wiener Festwoche 2012